15 Years Of Milestone Service Recognition Awards

This 15 Years of Service Award is one of the most important corporate award recognition programs to recognize the loyal employees for their contributions and dedications. It can be engraved by actual working milestone, such as: 5 years award, 15 years of service award or 50 years of service award. Digital Printing, Encapsulated Print and Sublimation Printing also can be free done by your need.

Product Details

For any workplace to celebrate years of service, this Milestone Service Recognition award is the recognition award to fit this occasion demands. The Milestone Service Recognition award can be customized to recognize loyal employees for any milestone service. It is made by Indian Green marble, looking very excellent. The whole body can be free custom-made according to your request, such as 5 years awards, 20 years of service awards, 50 years of service trophy. It is the perfect way to mark an employee work anniversary, or any other length of service awards along with special style and grace.

Saying congratulations for years of service should be a genuine exercise. It’s not just saying happy work anniversary; it deserves legitimate praise. Our deep etch engraving is included at no additional cost, so you can easily add a years of service quotation or personalized note. The example thanking the long service award recipient for his or her “dedication” and “hard work,” is one way to go, but there are limitless others too.


Suitable for: Milestone Service Recognition Awards; Years of Service Awards; Leadership Awards

Small 6″AS 2002SUS$28.506″H x 3″W x 3″D5.00 LB
Medium 8″AS 2002MUS$40.908″H x 3″W x 3″D6.20 LB
Large 10″AS 2002LUS$57.5010″H x 3″W x 3″D7.65 LB